Pool Policy During Pandemic

The Pool is Open !
June 2, 2020

Dear Valued Member,

We hope this note finds you and your family safe and healthy, and dealing with the current health crisis successfully.  The Covid pandemic has created many new issues in all of our lives and our businesses.  

The City of Nashua is allowing us to open as of June 1st.  We will be instituting several regulations you should be aware of, and we seek your full cooperation for everyone's safety and enjoyment of the pool area.  We are in compliance with the City suggestions as to pool chemicals and monitoring and these standards were already in place in prior years.

Wash your hands often, and wear masks if possible when not in the water.  We will provide hand sanitizer  dispensers at the pool bar area and welcome desk.

Food and beverage services will be provided on our typical schedule of Tuesday thru Sunday.

There will be more frequent sanitation practices in the rest areas and common areas of the pool area.  Tables will be no closer than 10 feet.  Lounges and chairs may be together if you are a family, otherwise please social distance at least 6 feet. 

Lounges will be sanitized and left in the flat down position.  Please leave them upright when departing as a flag to arriving members and our staff to sanitize and return to a flat position.  If there are vacant upright lounges available when you arrive, please ask us for assistance to sanitize prior to your use.  

No noodles or other toys or floats will be allowed until further notice from the health department.  Approved floatation devises (vests and arm inflatables) for toddlers and youngsters will be of course permitted.  Please allow us to sanitize these items prior to use.

The City has also asked that we manage the occupancy of the pool enclosure and the pool itself to avoid overcrowding.  While this may be an inconvenience, our only intent is to keep everyone healthy and happy.  Our lifeguards and service staff will be on hand to greet you and take your member number to ensure no overcrowding.  We truly appreciate you cooperation and your support.  This likely will be a concern only on weekends when our visitation rates historically are higher.

 We are making our best efforts to provide our typical member experience to you, while being very mindful of the situation and everyone's safety, and the necessary adjustments to our norms.

Please stay safe and be well.  Thanks again for you support and cooperation with the staff as they work to allow us all the enjoyment of the pool facility this summer.

Members: $125 per person
Non Members: $150 Per Person

*This cost includes gratuity and taxes


6 Mountain Laurels Dr, Nashua, NH 03062 | Clubhouse: 603.888.9000|